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Boarding policy:

1. We require reservations be made prior to any drop off of an animal boarding with us. Please call at any time during office hours to check our schedule, there is always a possibility of a cancellation. Sorry, we do not keep a waiting list when we are fully booked.

2. Our doors are open at 8:00am for drop off of your pets, we close at 5:00 pm weekdays and 12:00 pm on Saturday. We request when possible drop offs between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on weekdays. Dropping off several hours before we close gives time to settle your pet in.

3. All pets must be current on all vaccinations. It is your responsibility to provide us with proper proof of vaccinations. If we have no proof of vaccinations our Veterianarian will vaccinate them at your expense.

4. There is a mandatory flea and tick dose applied by our staff to all dogs at a discounted rate before entering our kennel. This is for everyones protection. Cats will be treated if we deem necessary, also at a discounted rate. We tried the honor policy and it failed, hence the mandatory policy.

5. We do use general food for feeding the kennel. So if your pet is on a special diet or is a finicky eater, please bring enough of his/her food for the stay. Make sure all foods and treats are labeled at drop off. If not properly labeled it is difficult to know who it belongs to.

6. Bring all medications with you to drop off with your pet. Instructions will be recorded at drop off.

7. If you bring any toys, blankets and personal items for your pet to make his/her stay more comfortable, make sure everything is labeled and we record all your belongings at the time of drop off. All personal belongings must be animal safe and able to be laundered. Keep in mind that some pets will chew things up while boarding that they would not chew at home.

8. If your animal is not picked up by closing time, you will be charged another day of boarding for your animal. You are able to pick up your animal any time during business hours only. No exceptions. This includes Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and holidays.

We strive to provide the best care and compassion for your pets. If at any time we have the need for special or emergency treatments while your pet is boarding with us, we will first attempt to contact you or your designated contact to inform of the situation. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of our policies to provide a fair and timely service to all. Pricing is below.

Dogs Price per night
1-25 lbs. $12.00
26-50 lbs. $14.00
51-100 lbs. $15.00
100 lbs. and up $17.00

Cats, Rabbits, Birds, and small reptiles - $9.00 per night

* Pricing will vary due to the mandatory kennel dose of flea and tick control.


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